Anacondas and the Hunt for the Blood Red Orchid

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Directed By: Dwight H. Little
Genres: Adventure / Horror / Thriller
Runtime: 97 Mins
Theatrical Date: August 27, 2004
DVD Date: December 21, 2004
Plot: A scientific expedition sets out for the island of Borneo. They are in search of a flower named the Blood Orchid. Reports say that this flower can lead to a longer life. But what they find inhabiting the rainforest of Borneo are a group of anacondas. But they aren't ordinary... the Blood Orchid made the anacondas longer, faster, and smarter. Now the scientists must find a way out of the rainforest by outsmarting, outrunning and outliving the anacondas.
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Media Type: DVD
Quality: Unknown
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Num of Discs: 1
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